As soon as you walk in, take a seat, and relax. I will offer you a soothing drink to help you relax even further. Our mini-chat is a great opportunity for us to get to know each other better, and I make sure to ask about any health concerns or goals you may have. Once we’ve completed the consultation form together, I take a moment to review everything with you before asking if you have any questions, and I make sure you feel completely comfortable and supported throughout the entire process.Before we begin, I take a moment to observe your vital signs – blood pressure, pulse, and saturation – to ensure everything is looking good. Next, I set up the equipment and vitamins, carefully inserting the cannula for the infusion. With everything in place, we can start the IV Drip Therapy and throughout the entire process, I will help you feel at ease and secure in your decision to receive this unique and transformative treatment.
                                                                                          1. Make the client comfortable and relaxed 
                                                                                          2. Offer a drink
                                                                                          3. Mini chat 
                                                                                          4. Go through the completed consultation form 
                                                                                          5. Ask if they have any questions
                                                                                          6. Reiterate that the IV Drip Therapy is for non- medicinal purposes only, 
                                                                                          7. Carry out observations; blood pressure, pulse and saturation 
                                                                                          8.  Set up the equipment and vitamins 
                                                                                          9.  Insert the cannula
                                                                                          10.  Start the Iv Infusion
                                                                                          11.  Give aftercare advice and support.     

IV Therapy is only suitable for Healthy individuals, and if any of you are on medication, I will need to be made aware, so this must be written on the consent form before the consultation is undertaken. (NONE-MEDICINAL PURPOSES ONLY).  

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