Frequently Asked Questions

What areas do you cover, and how far do you travel?
I can cover a 50-mile radius of Manchester for special occasions, parties, or group bookings.

What is an IV drip?
It’s a quick and easy way to deliver vital nutrients and essential vitamins to your organs and body tissues, which is made effortless and efficient with this method. It ensures that your body functions smoothly and effectively by providing the necessary elements it requires. Unlike tablets, this approach has a rapid effect and boasts an absorption rate that is 80% higher. Tablets tend to lose nutrients as they circulate through the body, making this alternative a superior choice. It is important to note that while this method fulfils your health requirements, it is not a cure-all solution.

Will it hurt, and is it safe?
To minimise discomfort, I can administer numbing cream to the targeted region. The insertion of the cannula will only result in a minor puncture, and this procedure is conducted under sterile conditions. I ensure my safety by wearing personal protective equipment, including gloves and an apron, in a sterile environment. Additionally, if necessary, I can wear a mask upon request.

I’m pregnant. Is it ok for me to have a treatment?
No. But after pregnancy you can revive with a drip if not breast feeding. 

How long does the treatment take?
Every client is different, but around an hour.

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